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Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's my 19th Bornday!! 3rd March 2012

       Hello everyone..Oh yeah I'm in a very good mood..Cause why?? Yeah cause its my 19th birthday!! I am really excited for this day.As everyone would be like this on their birthdays too hehehe..Luckily,its Saturday so I really have a good rest on my birthday../Oh I just forgot to tell you that all my lectures and classes has already ended yesterday/ I won't need to go to any classes anymore..I'm glad for that but yeah I hate farewell..Since my Foundation studies will end soon :|

       I woke up very late today|Please ignore this/ hahahaha yeah I really can't sleep last night because I'm too excited and happy for this day hehehe.Lastly,I ended it up with watching Secret Garden(A Korean Drama)..Last night,I thought that I'm counting the minutes for 3rd March alone but I got it wrong!! Actually all my housemates are doing the same thing!! They just wanna make things the same as usual so that I won't notice any weird things LOL

So,while waiting for 12am to come over I just make myself busy with Twitter..Oh I got sooo many birthday wishes from my Twitter fellows and I've favourited them all..Love them xoxo...

       hehehhe actually,the first person to wish me /In Twitter/ is Syaff!!! /Pop Confetti for her/and it goes up like that..Thanks to everyone who wished me!! xoxo :) I got tonnes of wishes from Facebook too but there were too many and I'm not be able to put them here..Sorry..Thanks again although I know that maybe most of you didn't really remember my birthdate :P /You got it from the RT's and the notifications right?HAHA/ 

One more thing,guess what?? Tom Andrews | A UK singer,and I love his awesome voice| did wished me for my birthday too!! I am really happy and excited to see his tweet!! Arghh,the best moment ever!!

       What? Birthday cake? Hmmm I'm not able to have that now but my housemates and me has already made a booking and we might get it by this evening??ehehehe..Thats going to be good :) However,I'm going to wait for my Foundation studies to finish to celebrate my birthday with my family members since I'm going to have final exams /know what,we're already in study week now!/ yeah I know it's going to be like HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY =='

Its like unplanned surprise for me? haha IDK
[well thats not sauce btw,thats jelly]

Besides that,there is also one of my Twitter friend made a Beast collage for me!! Its @emiharis... Love her..!! 

There's one more thing.It has clearly stated that I'm studying Foundation in Science at UiTM Puncak Alam and I am a TWITTERHOLIC..However, I am really shocked when I found out this -->

This was trending yesterday at 8pm 2/3/12.

       Do you know what it means by #AsasiPalam ?? That's a shortform for Foundation at UiTM Puncak Alam..They really did a good job!! /I mean other twitterholics in my university/ I'm not trying to show off here but I just wanna post about it cause it's really means something special to me..HAHAHA IDK why...

Well thats all from now.. I will write more!! Love you xoxo,

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