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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another few days..It's getting nearer....

▶Music♩♪♫♬  Slipping Away - Greyson Chance

      Hello again.. I am really lazy to write this actually but I think I need to write it cause this may be the last time I'm writing in this room[R1308]...As what I have told you the last time,this week would be the last week for me staying here in UiTM.My foundation studies will end this Friday.I keep on counting the days starting from a few months ago haha yeah I really wanna go back home.I miss my family so damn crazy.Hey,I even cried while I'm talking them through the phone.

      I want to meet them so badly and I'm glad that this is going to end soon.However,I still feel sad cause I won't be able to live in Puncak Alam anymore.The ending of my foundation studies means like I need to get out from this place since I got nothing left to do here.Well,everything must have an end for it.


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