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Monday, April 23, 2012

[Challenge] Eleven

Hello people.. Well yeah this is a challenge for me :)  Thanks Kata, my friend from Finland for the challenge^^ yeah I accept it! hehehe I just made a regular check up on this blog and I saw the link that she sent to me..

Okay first of all, I need to state the RULES :)

1. Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create eleven questions for the people you tag to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post
4. Go to their page and tell them
5. No tag backs
6. You legitimately have to tag

Okay here we go...

11 facts about me : 

1) I hate cooking. Okay it's really hard for me to be in the kitchen doing those stuffs. Maybe I have stayed for a very long period in the hostel (about 6 years) so I don't have much time to learn how to cook. Maybe, I will love doing it when the interest came up? Who knows right? hehehe /still need to cook even though I am less likely to do it Ahhaaa/

2) I am really in love with Yong Junhyung from a Korean boyband (Beast). I have been admiring him so much since last 3 years okay.. ahhaaa... IDK what's making me to be so in love with him but that's it, I still like him even though he's already taken by Goo Hara. :/ /yeah he's my ultimate bias in korean pop industry. Even my family members know about him haha/

3) This is my favourite number. Yeah maybe cause it has a connection with my birthdate? hehehe I was born on 3rd March 1993. See? That's lots of number 3 :) hehhehehe However,this number sometimes doesn't give any luck to me too hahaha... I often have difficulties if something that I do has number 3 on it. For example, exam's number? Ahha okay this has nothing to do with  the numbers :P But yeah, it's still my favourite! XD

4) I am a VERY TALKATIVE girl. hehehhehe Yeah but it doesn't mean like I'm going to talk so much with everyone. I will only be like this whenever I meet anyone that I really comfortable with. Or else, I will be very shy ahahaha (especially the boys)...

5) I don't need to mention this no more but just telling another fact about me. I REALLY LOVE KPOP and ENGLISH SONGS. Yeah guess what? In my phone, there are 70% Korean pop songs,28% English songs and only 2% of Malay songs.. (maybe only 3 songs? haha)

6) I really love to tweet. I don't know how to stop doing it. Each time I get bored,that would be my best hobby Ahhaa.. Even though I go to sleep, I'll make sure that the notifications from Twitter is on for the whole night! XD

7) PURPLE. RED. BLUE. Those three colours are my favourite! Heehehehe I really love them especially purple. Most of my favourite things are in these colours :)

8) I started to wear the spectacles since I am in Standard 6 which I was only 12 years old ! Yeah its too early. It's my fault anyway cause when I was small I love to watch the television as nearer as I could and I also love to read stuffs in dark places -,- 

9) I have so many nicknames. People love to give me those weird nicknames based on my physical appearance ( Iqqa,Kiki,Splat,Kay) -,- 

10) I am the eldest in my family. I have 4 other siblings and my youngest sister is only 6 years old^^

11) I don't like cats much. I used to love playing with it but since there was an incident that I could ever forget, I'm a bit scared to it. hehehe

Those are the other person that I want to challenge! hehe

Aien Ayop
Aween Md Zahir
Nur Shafirrah Shafie
Naqib Rahim
Fauzanna Abdullah
Nanihae ELF
Apple <3 Sidz
Afi Yazid
Hidayah Hakimah
Nurul Husna
Nurul Atiqah
FYI:This challenge can also be done in Malay if you wish to. As long as I understand what you've wrote :)

The answers for Kata's questions :)

1) Do you accept gay marriages? 
    Ahh talking about this... No. That's not normal lol.

2) What's your favourite movie and why?
    I really love Ninja Assasin. I know it's a bit lame but I really love those actions and especially the actors, Rain and Lee Joon!! hehe

3) Where would you like to travel the most at the moment?
    I really want to go visit Korea and United Kingdom. Hmmm maybe to Finland too?? hehe

4) What are you waiting for the most?
    I'm waiting for this 26th May...I want to meet BLOCK B!!! (They're coming to Malaysia!!^^)

5) Who has been your friend for the most long time? And for how long?
    Ahh that would be my old friend,Hafizah. She's my friend that is now still staying in Sarawak. We have known each other since we are in kindergarden :)

6) Whose concert would you want to go the most?
   FOR THIS... Of course I would say my ultimate Korean boyband,BEAST!! 

7) Who has the best singing voice?
   I would say CHARICE =)

8) What are you listening to at the moment?
   Number One by a singer from Netherlands,Casper Feddema.

9) Do you like reading? What's your favorite book?
 Yes. Hmm what about "Shopaholic Ties The Knot" by Sophie Kinsella.

10) How many CDs do you have?
     How would I count them? ahhaaa..

11) How long did it take to make this post?:D
      Hmmm a day I guess :)

Now here's my turn!

My questions

1) What's the thing that you scared the most?

2) Your favourite singer and what makes you like him/her?

3) The type of person that you hate the most? Please describe.

4) What's your greatest desire? Do you think you can achieve it?

5) The best moment in your life? When was it?

6) What do you think of One Direction? Please answer this honestly. :)

7) What do you think about your own personality?

8) What is the awkward moment that you wish you don't ever have to go through it?

9) What is your favorite number? Why?

10) What do you think of this challenge?

11) This wonders me so much. How long did it takes for you to finish this challenge?? :)



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Afi Yazid said...

By hook or by crook, I'll find the free time to accept your CHALLANGE ! <3

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