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Friday, April 20, 2012

How to increase your Twitter followers. Do you really care??

Hello again people :)

     Well,I am back here.. I really want to write something here but yeah my mind always got blank whenever I open up the tab...

     So,here I go~ I am really love Korean Pop songs which I really cannot deny it anymore haha...But please,please don't be narrow-minded. That doesn't mean like I don't interested at all to other genre. I am still loving Malaysian music and English music.

     Since I am now being followed by lots of celebrity on Twitter...Hmmm I am really not sure where did they found my Twitter account haha.. Well yeah I did asked SOME OF THEM to follow me back but most of them are following me first. Guess what? Not all of them are musicians. There were also rugby player and car racer. Sincerely, I NEVER KNOW ABOUT THEIR EXISTENCE until they followed me haha. Okay let me list some of them..Michael Andretti (retired car racer),Robyn Z (singer),Bill Zucker(comedian), Tom Andrews(UK singer),Greyson Chance(singer),Neemia Tialata(rugby player),Alexander Cardinal(Singer),Pleasure Ellis(Singer/Actor),R3hab(Rapper,DJ) Yeah all of them are verified user but sincerely I don't even know who they are until they start following me except for Greyson[I know about him before he followed me back] :)

     I know there must be people that would say " Who the f*ck that I'm going to care about followers and stuffs?" ,"Followers are not really important" and "I am wonder why are those people really care about their followers? Idiots.." Ahah I know that you must have think it this way,don't you? Well,it depends on the person itself. For me, I will just followed back all my followers except the users that still using the egg as their display picture -_____- Oh please, I do think these people with egg as their display picture are not really care about their account anyway. So,there's no use for me to follow back those bunch of people...

     If you really don't care about followers, why did you checked other user's followers?? Why?? Isn't that has shown a part of you which you are actually care about that? haha.. Well,maybe you keep on thinking why are their followers keep on increasing day by day? It has a connection with what you've tweeted. That's the answer.

     Have you seen any user that will say " Click the unfollow button if you don't like my tweets","Keep off my Twitter if you are not used with sarcasm".... Okay here you go...I do think that we should NOT FOLLOW those users attitude. Right,maybe they made the account visible just for them to express out their feelings. So,that's why I think that we should leave them alone with their way but if you think you're okay with their attitude,just go on then :) [well,that's your Twitter anyway,you're the one that's going to read all the inapropriate tweets]

     The first reason for me for making Twitter account last 2 years is because I want to follow my favourite Korean artists new updates. This is because they were using Twitter as the medium to inform all important events to their fans :)

     Guess what? Twitter has teached me so many things hahaha... Except for letting me to be a person without real life -,- (get online almost everyday and forget to do the chores -,-) okay that's not good... What's good with Twitter? Well,I have learnt about other cultures and got many friends. We might not be able to see each other but at least we can express our feelings about things around us. As I'm following many Americans (cause they are my followers too), I am now able to differentiate the American English with British English. I even able to know about their daily usage of words.. Urmmm what we call that?? "Bahasa pasar??" haha yeah that's it...
Lots of love xoxo,

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Kata (카타) said...

Hey I challenged you~! ^^

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