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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Okay I'm writing here again :) Know what? I have been listening to many new songs lately but my ears still wanna stay loving this song ---> ▶Music♩♪♫♬ Like It Like That - Hot Chelle Rae.

I know this song is not the newest song from Hot Chelle Rae but I think this song is the best song of them. Okay enough talking about my favourite song hahaha.. Well it seem I don't have so much to say about it anymore. I'm not going to tell you something else but yeah I have went to the KPP(Kursus Pendidikan Memandu) lecture last Saturday :)

The lecture. Omg it's so boring. I just don't know how am I able to survive for 5 hours lecture which we only have about half an hour to take our lunch. Well,that's the only break time that we have. I'm sure most of you have experienced this and I don't have to describe it even more HAHA.. What? You don't know what lecture is that? Hmm it's the first procedure to anybody in Malaysia need to go through in order to get their own driver license. Before we can get into classes,we need to listen to this lecture. [The lecture that tell us everything about the road law]..

Btw,I'm not taking both car and motorcycle driving licenses. I'm only taking motorcycle license. Well I just want to take car driver license when I finished my degree programme. Hmmm but why?? Cause I want it that way :P hehehe...So,right now I am homeless opss jobless haha.. I am just staying at house and doing nothing. This is so boring cause I really don't have anything interesting to do. So,in order to overcome my boredom and using the time wisely I choose to do some internet jobs hehehe..

It's like translating and stuffs. Besides, now I am also taking any booking about blogs. Well,if you have anything to ask about blogging you can always do it through my Twitter account >>> CLICK HERE .. If you already bored with your old blog template and want it to be more interesting and beautiful you can always inbox me. Tell me what pattern that you're longing for and I'll make it done for you. About the money,well it will not cost much so don't worry okay? :)

Contact me here if you are interested[DM me cause I won't approve unknown people]

FYI: Greyson Chance FOLLOWED me on Twitter. hehehe yeah I am so happy cause I have been asking him for so long..hehe... I will always remember this date [7th April 2012,9:47pm] <3

Lots of love xoxo,

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