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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do I really need to get back to work?

     Having a long holiday now and I really don't know what else to do. People would choose to make some money and make use of this holiday to go to work. But it differs for me. I am unable to go out anywhere even to see my old friends. I really need to find my own transport since my family are really busy with their own work,school and kind of stuffs. And what's making me really sad,I don't have any license yet! Yeah/on my way to get one =,= /

     Right now,I am only living in the house and doing nothing much. I spent most of my time with my mom cause she's the only one that staying at home with me. Luckily,my mom become a babysitter. So I got another cute little baby staying together during the working hours. But yeah,it's tiring to be a babysitter for a little baby for all the time. I'm thinking of get back to work to release this boredom but my dad won't allow me.

     My previous boss wanted me to get back working at his place but I am no longer interested. I want to try something else and new. My mom doesn't have any problem with it and she even encouraged me to get new job. The only problem is,my dad only wants me to stay back at home and have a long rest. He don't want me to do those works anymore. Oh how confused I am now. I want more money~! LOL joking..XD

Well,I am still thinking about what should I do next. It's 6 months holiday! I must make a right choice or I would regret it later lol... Well thats it. Gonna get back to my Twitter and Me2day.. See you later xx
Much love xx,

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