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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hello again people~!! =)

     Oh yeahhh I am super happy now..Two things that really made my day..Oh oh I really surprised with this but yeah,it really happened!!

     What would you do if you ever have contacted or meet your favourite singer or actor? I know it.You must feel really happy and want to do all the jumping stuff,yelling out so loud or even just stand still cause you just don't believe that really happens!

     As for my case now,I am really in love with this two musicians from USA. They are Casper Feddema and Hot Chelle Rae. I found love for them after I listened to their music. Yeah of course they are all awesome!! I really want to meet them and that's one of my dream ;)

     Last night,Casper made a video chat with his fans[Caspeteers] on his website and I joined it. So many people joined it too and they're all from all over the world.There were caspeteers from Philippines,Croatia,Indonesia,Brazil,UK,USA,German and of course Malaysia! He did that video chat for almost two hours and I really enjoyed it!

     Know what? I did asked him to sing two songs and he did!! I asked him to sing his new single 'Diamond Girl' and also 'Turn Up The Music' by Chris Brown. I also asked him to call out my Twitter name.[I'm using Kay Aiden as my Twitter name to enter the chatroom]. Guess what? He SHOUT OUT LOUD MY NAME !! by saying "Oh hi Kay..Hello there Kay Aiden!!" and he gave me a wave by both of his hands!!! I am so surprised and its good that I don't throw away my netbook down the table HAHAHA...Besides,I also asked him,"Oh,do you like Coke?" and he answered "Oh you mean Coca Cola? No." Oh I see..so he's not a lover of Coke just like my Korean biased,Yong Junhyung XD...

     Well here are some of his pictures that I have took during the video chat =)
[He made a heart shape using his hands but I'm unable to take a picture of it that time :( ]

    Okay,that's one story....Here goes another one!! I love Hot Chelle Rae..I bet most of you know them already.They are American Pop Band consists of Ryan Follese,Jamie Follese,Nash Overstreet and Ian Keaggy.I felt in love with them after I listened to their song 'Like It Like That'..Since then,I discovered many other songs from them that are totally catchy and yeah I love them all!!

     I keep hard on trying to get my tweets replied by any of them.Yeah you know that they already got tonnes of mentions from other thousands fans from all over the place! But,I never get any replies from them.I am sad but I never stop trying.You might think this is funny but for me,I will be very happy if they noticed my tweets.[That's what a fangirl would think AHAHA]...

     So,this morning I tried my best again lol. Nash is the most loving to his Twitter account cause I often saw him tweeted something EVERYDAY!! I would love to know something that would never be included in any profile of them in the internet so I have a thought of asking about his favourite colour ;)

Catch the best moment down here!!! XDDD xo

     I know that was just a simple reply but yeah it's like 1/70000 possibilities to get that reply ! I'm not sure about what you're thinking but if you're jealous,then I got it! HAHA lol XDD

     Well I guess that's just it :) I really hope that both of them will come to Malaysia one day! Since Hot Chelle Rae is going to have a world tour with Taylor Swift.... ;)
Much love xoxo,

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dayoo said...

you are one lucky girl unnie ! i envy you so very much . you get greyson chance to follow you on twitter also right ? so wonderful !! :D

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

Oh yeah Greyson followed me :) Thanks dear!! You might get the same soon.. Keep on trying!!

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