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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My work, and I'm happy :)

Hello again(:

Currently: Addicted to Cody Simpson's So Listen.▶Music♩♪♫♬(Have been listening to this for hours already omg HAHA)

     Well I am really missing you guys here..my regular readers? hehe well I wish I have HAHA.. I am so sorry for being hiatus for almost a month! I really want to write but I am very busy with working.. So now I gonna write about what I did for the last week? I guess yes it is..

     I have told you this for almost hundred times... ahaha I am now on a loooong holiday so I really don't want to be someone without no life,sitting in front of the netbook and get online everyday without making friends. So,I made a decision to start working.. actually I have started working since the end of April ;)

What  makes me to be a very busy person? Well lets tell you about what I've done for the last months..

     Actually I am working as one of the Taskforce Team for Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia(RELA). What I need to do? Well I have nothing else to do except gets online and key-in the confidential data(: [It's supposed to be like this but then the people from PPU didn't do their works so now my work has changed to fill up the empty forms] (><) SH*T I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS -__- Well,that's for government purposes btw..

     There are  6 persons in our team including me. Thanks so much for Kak Emy,Kak Zura,Kak Yanti,Anis and Mirul for being very dedicated to the team !:)  I would love to post some pictures but unfortunately I always forgot to take pictures.. You know that I am really a BAD PHOTOGRAPHER.. So I don't want to mess up my blog with the not-so-good picture taken by myself lol.. Hmm maybe in the next post?^^

      Done talking about this. I have a new topic and I guess it's more interesting..HAHA


Yes. It's about the contest... Have you ever heard of MTV Asia are giving away free passes by winning a contest on their website? Yes they are.. The contest has started on 25th May 2012 and will end on 30th June 2012 ;) Oh,the passes are strictly not for sale and you can only get them from the contest. That's the thrill from MTV!

Have you tried your luck yet? Well I have and I did WON THE FREE PASSES ! A winner will be given A PAIR of passes.. I won them TWICE,so that's mean 4 free passes! But,maybe that passes is not really destined to be mine... I have entered the WRONG EMAIL for the 2nd winning passes ;( That email has actually have NOT been used for more than 6 months and has been automatically deactivated by Yahoo. So,when I activate it back its automatically delete ALL EMAILS in the inbox & trash including the official email FROM MTVASIA :(

But I'm still lucky enough for having another pair of passes.. It's okay (: Maybe that's really not to be mine.. I will try my best to go and join the 15,000 crowd on 14th July at Surf Beach,Sunway Lagoon.. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you this..On that day,we'll have Justin Bieber,KARA,JayPark and Mizz Nina performing live! <33 them all..

Here's the proof.. Jelly much? Be Jelly jk.. XD

:: If only I have another pair of passes,maybe I can give them to you?Hmmm::


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