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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh what? It's Hot Chelle Rae baby!

I like It like that,
Hey windows down, Chillin with the radio on,
I like It like that
Damn,sun so hot,make the girls take it all off
I like It like that,
Yeah I can't never get enough    ▶Music♩♪♫♬ LIKE IT LIKE THAT

Days go by
And yeah I've always got you on my mind, oh
Cause I keep you with me
Say your name
I cant touch you but it feels the same, oh
Cause I keep you with me      ▶Music♩♪♫♬  KEEP YOU WITH ME

I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth
love burns, ice cold, the proof inside you forgets control
heavy eyes, don’t lie (don’t lie)
I’m the blue and your my sky
and I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth   ▶Music♩♪♫♬ HEART HURTS

     Oh yeah,those are my favourite parts in three Hot Chelle Rae's songs ;) Those 4 man started to take my heart away when I firstly listened to 'Like It Like That'.. Yeah, I really love their music concept. They are American Pop band and I love their songs cause they really have good meaning and it gives me deep impressions..

     Right now, I already have more than 20 songs of them in my playlist.. Oh wait! Is it more than that?? Then,I need to find out more cause I don't want to miss any of them for sure ;) Ryan Keith Follese really have a nice voice and I love his high pitch voice ahhaaa..

     Nash Overstreet?? Oh well I LOVEEEE THIS TROUBLE MAKAH!! XDD he loves to do fan talks and that's making him my first bias in this band ;) He has a younger brother which is an actor and he star in Glee,Chord Overstreet.. Guess what?? Nash also love to upload new videos of HCR on YouTube and I really love to watch all his funny prank videos XDD And his laziness too.. Well,you can't see it here...

Nash has replied my Twitter again and that's really made me happy lol...

Ohh,he said "Yeah,a little bit of them"

      Now here goes the 3rd member,Ian Keaggy.. This guy.. Hmm okay I like his long hair ahaa.. He looks very calm and I like his smile :) He's rock but there's a little small secret of him. He REALLY LOVES PHOTOGRAPHY!

     Now we go to the cutest drummer ever!! Ahhaaaa there it goes for Jamie Follese.. He's so cute with his hairstyle now. I like it hehehe,.... Know what? he started playing drum since he's 8 years old :)

Now let's see who is Ryan,Nash,Ian and Jamie? ;)

From left : Jamie,Ryan,Nash and Ian :)

Well I guess this is it.. I'll write more later.. Byebye^^
Much love xoxo,

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