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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The best feeling is when you got to meet your long-time-no-see cousin!

     Hello everyone… Sorry for being hiatus for  almost a month! I am busy with other things and yeah somehow didn’t have a chance to write for you guys..

     While I’m writing this, I seriously don’t have any good ideas and still writing.. ahahaha Just using my hands and my brain work together.. Sometimes, this tactic is applicable to me to gain the ideas (while thinking of the best thing that had happened to me in the last few weeks or days)

     Oh yeah last week I have gone back to my hometown in Pahang,Malaysia.. Since we, Malaysians have 4 days of leave so there would be many weddings will be held all around the country.. One of it was my cousin’s wedding!

     Yeah the wedding has been held for two days.. This is because of our tradition which we have a few processes..It’s hard for me to explain everything here but you can just click here to know more about our wedding process..

So, here are some pictures that I have took while I was there.. (The bride is my cousin)

with my cousin,Shahadah..

We are very good to each other! I love her !
The four of us,from left : Mira,Emma,Me and Shahadah :)

     Talking about marriage, My dad finally gave me permission to have boyfriend or something like that.. Guess what? My dad is a very strict person when it comes to academics matter. He really wants to see his children have a good academics result so he won’t let us to get possessed with this boyfriend and stuff.. Well, I didn’t put any thought on this too actually so I wouldn’t mind to be single at this moment..

     I will be a liar if I tell you that I haven’t have any relationship before.. I am still like the other teenage girls which have a desire to have boyfriend or someone to be cared for.. But, I think all that was nonsense.. I just think that my past relationships was just..umm what we called that? “Cinta Monyet”*A phrase we used to describe a love that is not going anywhere and it is just become a part of becoming more mature in life..

     Enough talking with this matter.. Cause I don’t think I will end my single life on this year or two… I will continue my degree program soon so let’s just wait and see.. HAHA :D


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