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Friday, June 29, 2012


If only I am a billionaire..

I will definitely take my family to Makkah(that’s the first thing I want to do)
I will buy every single copy of my favourite artist’s album,
I will go to every concert of them no matter where it will be held,
(okay those are only what a fan girl would wish haha :D)

If only I am a genius..
I will write lots of books helping others how to improve their thinking skills,
I will teach everyone how to make things easier,
I will invent new stuffs that would benefit everyone in the country.

If only I meet a fairy that will grant 3 wishes..
I will wish for my great love,
I will wish for happiness forever in my life,
I will wish for a longer lifetime for all my beloved.

 If only all this would happen? hmmm


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