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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Went to MAHA Negeri Sembilan 2012 and we got new pets! :D

Hello hello I am back here again! :)

     Okay I am not sure whether this will be a simple entry or will be a lil' bit longer than usual? HAHA.. I am still staying at home and waiting for my holiday to finish. So,this time my dad found out that something interesting has being held in Seremban.. It's Malaysian Agriculture ,Horticulture and Agrotourism Expo 2012(MAHA 2012)..Oh wait,this is only a part of it. The biggest expo will be held on November :)

     I am a bit surprise because my dad wants us to get ready and went to the expo.. There are so many booths and I really don't have time to count them ahaha...Guess what? Punya lah banyak kandang kambing and lembu kat sana -,- Burung-burung,angsa dan beberapa lagi jenis haiwan.. Phewww bau? I won't tell you that cause I feel like I am already become part of them aiyaaaa huhuh..

So here's some pictures...(I'm sorry,I told you that I don't like to take my own pictures..So there's no my own selca hehe)

     It will be boring if we don't get anything from the expo..Since my two brothers Izzul and Irrul really want a pair of rabbits so my dad bought it for them..The rabbits already got its own name now which is Betty and Jackie :)

     I don't get anything big for myself because I am actually saving up my money on an event that I really want to go this 14th July ;)

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