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Saturday, July 7, 2012

3rd July 2012..Happy 43rd birthday mom~!

 Hi there again... Okay it's time for the writing again :)

     Last 4 days was my mom's birthday.. Yes,our family will be celebrating each of us birthdays.. Somehow,there are people out there that dislike to celebrate their own birthday.. It's because they think that when they celebrate it,that means they are celebrating on how they are becoming older...

     Get what I mean? I mean like they cannot accept the fact that they are becoming older from year to year...well,I guess this is just my personal opinion,so... Peace(Y)... As for us,celebrating someone's birthday is to cherish all the moments that we have been together for all this time. We will also be more alert that we are all getting older and there is no way for us to get back to the old times.

     So,when we have all those positive thinking.. We will think on how to make our future to be brighter and we will try to make the best time of our life since we still got the chance ;)

Happy birthday mom <3 you!! 

P/s : Today is my friend's birthday too.. Happy birthday Nurhidayah Hakimah binti Zakaria !! :)
[agak-agak dia marah tak aku letak nama dia kat sini? hehehe]


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