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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Electrical Systems Engineering) - UniMAP..This is my next journey!

Hello again people.. Well you must feel weird with the title? Ahaha it's about my UPU result.. (This is specially for Malaysian students)

     As for my followers,you might be told about the MTV World Stage.. Sadly,I couldn't join the crowd on that day :( I got some more important things to do.. Besides,my grandparents are coming to my house during that weekends... It's okay.. I know there is a reason behind all of these^_^

     So,yeah.. why did my grandparents coming to my house? It's because they really want to meet me and take me to their home and want me to spend time together with them during the holiday... But, I still can't go with them :(

     Why why why and why?? Hmm it's because I just got my UPU result (which determine on which university that I will go to pursue my degree studies).. So,the title shown is actually the course that I have been offered by Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)..

     I need to get so many things ready,my mental,my physical and also everything needed for the course.. I never expect to pursue my studies on this course because I have been a student from the SCIENCE STREAM since I was in Form 1 (13 y/o) ! So yeah,I know nothing about engineering studies but I have learned Physics in my stream... So,those two things must be related to each other and that wouldn't matter..

     I am really shocked to know about this course.. Yeah we have checked our result on Friday which is last two days.. And I am still kinda can't believe about this.. Unbelievable. However,I will try my best on this and the challenge is accepted! I have found out that there is only 919 students that have been chosen for this course all over Malaysia in this year.. And knowing that this course is a very hard course, so I need to study harder than before! :)


Here's the offer from the UPU website..

Wish me luck okay? xo

So here's another story!! It's about Beast's newest single>> Midnight !!

     I really love this song!! It has been officially released last night and I am still listening to it RIGHT NOW!! This song tells us about how a guy's heart get broken when his girl left him away.. What a very sad song.. I am a hardcore beauty (Beast's fandom) and I have waited for their comeback for more than one year and a half and yeah their full length album will be released on this upcoming 22nd July!! And I really can't wait!! I have been jailed by Twitter last night because I have tweeted so much!! Yeah because I have spazzing about this single!! I feel like crying when I listened to this song.. I have watched the MV Theme also and it is daebak too!! :')

Here's the teaser cover of the upcoming album!

Until we meet again xoxo

4 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

mizzaFARYNN said...

hai hai ^^ haha wow congrates for getting that engineering course. I bet u going to get that a blast :D goodluck ! for that course, how long will it takes?

naqib rahim said...

goodluck :D

Afi Yazid said...

Good Luck sweetheart <3 Waah bakal engineer laa!

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

Thanks everyone!! :) Mizza: It will take 4yrs.. Naqib,Afi: hello bakal2 doktor ;)

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