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Thursday, August 2, 2012

S I C K :(

Hello everyone.. Sorry again for not updating for weeks? hmmm..

     I get so sick and not able to get online because of my condition.. At this moment,I still got a cough.. Met the doctor and he said I have a severely condition where the phlegm already accumulated in my lung :( But,nevermind.. he gave me a high dose of cough medicine and I guess it will get better soon.. Nothing serious..

     Told ya that I will continue my degree programme soon.. Guess what? Today is 2nd August so that's mean exactly a MONTH left ! I feel a bit worry because this time I will be really far from my family. Yes,I have been a boarding school student for years but yeah as a normal person of course I will feel that homesick feeling..

     I hope I can adapt with the new surrounding.. Knowing that there'll be international students in my course making me more anxious.. Dad always give me inspirations and now I have more confidence to continue in this course.. I will study harder and get my wish come true!

     Oh here's another thing.. AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME Music Video by Justin Bieber has been released yesterday and I am really excited! I've watched the music video and all I can say that it is really awesome! I love the story line.. However,I am actually wondering what would Selena Gomez think if she watch the music video.. lol You got what I mean if you watched the video too ;)

     Hmm,I wanted to share pictures here but it seems like there are some problems with the connection.. So,I guess this is it xo

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