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Friday, September 21, 2012

It's not like what you think. And I'm happy with it :D

      Hello again people.. I might have been a lil busy.. Oh wait,busy? nope.. Not at all ! :) HAHA.. It's been a few weeks and I am still with cough. Urgh, it's really hard to go away from me. Fine,just stay as long as you wish then -__-

      Okay I was about to do my regular checking on this blog a few days ago and I found things that are more interesting.. Guess what? Blogger.. finally changed the interface. Luckily I have tried this new interface few months ago so it won't be a big issue for me..

      At that moment, they told us that they gonna change the interface soon so I make a try on it. It's a lil bit harder if you start using it at the very first place but it's getting easier when you are used to it :) That's what happened to me now.

      I haven't been this relax and happy during my school days..Why? because I got a very loose schedule for the whole week! Okay I have told you this so many times so.. I'm sorry for that excited feeling lmao HAHA

      What's about my life in UniMAP? Ooohhhh I am lovin' it! haha yeah except for the fact that Mc Donald's is not available in Perlis. HAHA yeah.. I am missing my family so much [That's what happen when you've stayed for too long with them]

      I am actually still worried with my online course registration.. I am still not registered for two subjects in my course.. They're the compulsory subjects for ALL UniMAP students.. the subjects are currently not available for registration because the classes are already full. So,no more admission for the subjects are allowed in this semester.. That's mean I need to take the classes in my next semester..(YEAR 2)..

      I don't want to take them in my Year Two because in next year I will have lab sessions! That's mean I won't have more free time and my schedule will be tighter. -__- To make everything goes smoothly,I choose to take the foreign language subject in this semester. It's for a change because I am not able to register for my English University subject. I choose to take Korean language class not because I am a Korean pop lover,but because I have learnt the basics of the language before. So,it would be easier for me to score in the subject.

     If I have took the foreign language in this semester,I won't need to take it in my Year 3. [Because we suppose to have the free classes on that year,which I think I want to focus on my practical].. Oh dear.. I just realized that this post already be a little too long for you. Yeah,for me too.. So,I will try my best to write more on this.. Umm like you care? HAHA..

P/s : Turned out to be that Hyunseung's dad has passed away yesterday.. And now we,the Beauties(fan of Beast) are sad too.. Be Strong Jang HyunSeung! :(


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AsiaCube said...

Bukan McD, wayang pun tak ada :p

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Shafiqqah Shafie said...

hahaha betul3 !! uhuhu

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