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Thursday, September 13, 2012

My First Two Weeks in UniMAP :)

Hello again earthlings..

      Imma start my entry again.. and now it's with a lil bit different story.. Not about anything I did during my holiday since it's ended already.. I have told you that I have been accepted to be one of the lucky members of engineering students in Universiti Malaysia Perlis.

     Anyway, I have stayed here in Perlis for almost two weeks..  Everything was fine.. The orientation week(Minggu Suai Kenal) has come to the end last few days.. The instructors/helpers (PPMS-Pembantu Pelajar Minggu Suai Kenal) are all good and nice..

     I really enjoyed my life here now.. I have gotten my class timetable and what shock me the most is that the schedule is not packed with too many classes ! Well yeah, except for Mondays -,-  On the other day, I can say that we (Electrical Systems Engineering Degree students) only have about one or two classes..

     I don't know if this is actually normal or what because I have been used to a packed schedule since my Foundation programme.. So, I guess it will be the same here.. But.. yeah it's not.. However, since I have joined the Arts Club in Acting, I have a lil bit different schedule other than my classmates..

     Oh I forgot to tell you this.. What did I do till I joined the Arts Club in Acting.. HAHA :D

    Actually, the seniors in Arts and Culture Club of Universiti Malaysia Perlis has held an audition to find new club members.. I aimed for singing and acting because I think maybe I can make a try on this since I know the basics and yeah I LOVE SINGING! HAHAHA

     However, I got a bad cough on that audition day.. So, I didn't went to the singing audition.. I went to the acting audition instead.  I was asked to act a character.. well, just any character in whatever situation that I want.. I chose to act as someone who lose her dad and she didn't have any time to meet him before..

     I did it naturally and I really didn't expect that I am able to cry within 5 secs! Because of that, they called me 'Miss Of Switch' lmao.. Because I am able to cry which is really hard I think.. Btw, I have bought a new broadband because the internet line is so slow-,- So, this will make my jobs easier since I'm going to have lots of online assessment soon...oh I guess this is the end of this entry.. I will update more later.. xoxo


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