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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And Live While We're Young ~ Unitalent UniMAP 2012

      Oh hello everyone! I'm back here again.. Got some time to spend now for this writing haha :)

#nowplaying If I Had You - Adam Lambert..

       Guess what? I got busy again last week! lmao okay it wasn't me who need to do all things but yeah I did spent  lots of time together with the acting club members ;)

       I spent most of the days in Kangar starting on Wednesday till Saturday..(If I'm not mistaken hehe)... I'd rather say that I've done nothing except helping out only SOME things with the props.. yeah since I got no role in this show.  I really had a good time with the members as they were all nice and happy-go-lucky! ;)

       I am actually a very talkative girl and I will have lots of talking with people that I am good with.. Unfortunately, I will be very shy and remain silent when I am in the process of adapting with new people.. Same goes with these people, I got very shy at the very first moment but knowing that they're all good to each other, I am now getting more comfortable :)

       Ohh wait.. I haven't told you this.. What is Unitalent? Yeah it's a programme held as the attribute of the late P.Ramlee.. It's a programme held as one of the activities for the 7th Festival Konvokesyen..Festkon-7.. Hurm.. I am not going to say more about this but yeah I guess it's an annual programme since it was done during the Convocation Festival.

       And yeah, I got an opportunity to meet someone who has been famous as the 2nd P.Ramlee, Musli Ramlee as I stayed at the backstage to prepare the props (ohh wait,really? I did that? HAHA).. He is very nice.. I  actually have seen him that evening as he did some sound check for his singing during the night.

Here are some pictures.. Tell me if you really know them HAHA.. ;)
He's singing right in front of me! HAHA 

ehem ehem :) With Musli Ramlee 29/9/12
Do you know him? Uncle Megat Terawis :)
With Kak Wirda :)

WHOOPS! Our advisor.. (ehem ehem sorry I don't remember the name) really love our programme that night and yeah my friend's acting were so good! I can't even leave them lmao haha..  Guess again.. Yesterday,someone treated us at KFC Kangar.. I went there but I didn't eat that much since I got too tired (like yeah till now I think? HAHA weird)..

Lemme show ya our happy faces! HAHA
Just the three of us, I'm with Aida and Meme :)
 Sorry for those who's not in.. The internet line is so slow here.. i just can't upload more.. Dang! GRR -___-

p/s : Grammar mistakes? Fck with it. hahaha -___- Never care :P


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