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Thursday, November 22, 2012

English and 한국 ? haha :D

Hello babies.. haha I love you for reading my blog right now...

I wish to write directly in my blog but yeah the fuckin' slow internet connection really got me mad ! -,-
sorry for that one bad word hmm I just can't stand it no more.. Sigh.. I used to have my dad's wifi which is really fast and right now I'm depending on this slow motion broadband urghh... 

Nothing matter so much now except the fact that I'm already in a good state right now :)

Oh yes of course I miss my family so much.. How I wish that I'm able to hug my dad,mom and my fellow siblings.. Love them so much but yeah I need to be here.. far away from them to gain new knowledge.. It's okay since I'm going to give my all so that all I did here worth it..

There is just one small problem.. I told you already that I'm taking Korean language as my third language studies.. However,I'm not taking English subject in this semester.. This worry me a bit since I'm not using this language like I did before.. It's harder for me to meet someone who can use English as their second language while I'm being here..

What I mean is that I need someone who can keep me using this language.. It doesn't matter if we're using broken English but at least, it is still called as a practice :) And oh, I'm now learning Korean language in a proper class.. not only by reading and listening through the web.. I finally got a 선생님 who can teach me directly about this language.. I am now in the process of learning of making new sentences..

Of course , I need to learn more since I'm only learn about how to make the simple sentences.. I really hope that I will be able to write and speak better in that language. Our 산생님already gave us the hints and showed us the sample of our final exam paper..(It's only a draft, so it's not considered as the real questions).. And it is really hard!!(for me)...

There is no English translations in the questions.. And so with the articles.. If we're unable to understand the whole article then we screwed it up! :/ I really hope that I will have enough vocabulary before the exam that maybe will be held on December 2012 or January 2013..

Okay,thats all. I will write more soon..


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