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Friday, December 7, 2012

The typical student life :P

oh hello again people..

I don't feel like writing but I really want to make this site updated again.. Just like the old days...where I am able to write new articles EVERYDAY..

     Well you know.. Being a university student is not easy as you thought it was... I used to have this kind of thinking where once we become a student of a university, our works will get easier.. Seems like I need to change this thinking ahaha...

     We're getting so many assignments yet there are so many activities needs to be attended too.. Urgh I do feel very tired but there's nowhere for me to run.. Although our studies are not that hard like the high school's syllabus but .... There are so many things need to be done in a short period of time!

     We're going to have a final exam soon and our Test II has begun.. I took the Engineering Mathematics I Test II paper yesterday... And guess what? The questions were out of our imagination! Never thought that it would be that difficult ! Luckily I was able to answer some of the questions instead of leaving it blank...

     And what about tomorrow? I'm going to Kampung Pida Dua Sekerat,Perlis for the compulsory BAKTI SISWA activity.. That's one of the requirements for us to be graduated from the university... All of us (the First Year students, including those ex-diploma holders) need to join this activity in order to get our scroll on the graduation day.. 

     We have been parted into different places and we need to join the activities with the villagers.. And so, each of us will be given a new adopted family to stay with them during the 3-days-2night programme.. This is the thing that worries me so much..

     I really hope that I will get such a lovable family and able to mix with them well :) I'll be SUPER BUSY next week and I don't think I am able to update this blog during that week.. Since I will have Test II for Engineering Science I, Electric Circuit I..And also preparing myself for presentations.. That would be for my Bahasa Melayu University and Korean Language I class... I'll see you later then... :D

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