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Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's a holiday.. but...

Hello again people... I feel really boring right now. And I really don't have any mood to study.. Whoops! This can't be happening...

          And yeah that's why I opened up a new tab on my Google Chrome browser so that I can write something here ahaha (since I'm not studying right now -,- )

          But before that,I want to wish 'Salam Maal Hijrah' to all of my Muslim readers all around the world.. A year has come to an end and now it's a new year again^^  I hope each of us can do better in this new year.. Make up a new determination!

I actually don't have any specific story to tell you right now so don't put too much expectation haha.. Alright,it's about my feelings...

          I am actually feeling a bit upset since I'm not able to be back home during this one week holiday while my other friends are celebrating the Maal Hijrah with their family members... Luckily,there were some of my friends who is staying here with me. So,it won't be a big trouble for me rather than need to stay here all alone,right? haha...

          I will be having another test papers on next week.. Okay I have told you that I already have a test during a week before this didn't I? That was a few papers only,and now it's about another paper.. You know that I'm taking 7 subjects for this semester! hmm...

Alright baby, I guess this is it. I really have nothing else to say right now... /well actually,I don't have any more ideas to make this entry looks more interesting,sigh/

See you later 안녕 !

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