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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Craps. Hectic days. I need my home. My family.

Hello everyone! Here I am writing a new post for you again... It was really a very hectic weeks that I have gone through in this few weeks..

       Been able to write on here doesn't mean that I have finished my Final Exam papers.. I still have one paper left >> 한국어(Korean language I) paper.. I need to stay here in Perlis for another week just because I need to take this one and only paper --'

       I already took other papers.. Glad that I have gone through all this hectic time of my life without any big problem... I really miss my family (that's what I've been saying all this time) Been tweeting with my sister, Shafirrah Shafie and chatting with my dad through Facebook are not enough. I want to meet them so badly! :/

       This few weeks, I keep on calling my dad almost every day. I still remember that day, which I felt like I'm going to have a fever but then my dad called. Upon listening to his beautiful voice I felt like my fever has gone away! Oh I guess that is dad's miracle to me  

       I guess you must be thinking that I have a very good relationship with my dad rather than with my mother.. Isn't it? Well, that's not it. Although I have always saying things about my dad, I still got this one special place here in my heart for my beloved mother, Zarina bt Hj Mohd Razali.

PS : I love both my parents. They are the best in the world and no one could replace them.. FOREVER.
                                                                                                                                  Much love xoxo,


4 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

peah_diyah said...

Hai. saja singgah ! ;3 well , everyone hv been buzy in their life,nak2 kite student ni, anyway. all the best to both of us ! chayok ! :>

Shafiqqah Shafie said...

Thanks! :) Chaiyok to you too!!! <3

Kimmy said...

Wehehehe, dah balik rumah mesti hilang semua rindu tu kan?

kay aiden said...

teeheee mestilah hilang ;)

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