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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

oh hi hello :D It's the beginning of my 2nd semester! 7 semesters left!

     I have finished my 1st semester break ! haha yeah that's mean I have finished my 1st semester as a degree student.. I'm glad that I finished the semester with good grades. They're maybe not as good as some of my friends but at least I manage to get the best result for it since it's from my own studies.

     This second semester seems to be tougher than the last semester that I had.  Everything look pretty hard but yeah it's only a second day of it so I can't get my strength drained already! Need to be stronger than what I did on last semester! I'm starting to have butterflies in my stomach whenever I start thinking about this. About my survival that will be starting since this semester.

     Why? Why do I think it that way? Because I can say that we were only having revisions during last semester since most of the subjects contained of what we've learnt during our school time. However, it's different this time. We will have lots of labs sessions. Today, I was told by the lecturer that we're going to have at least 13 modules that need to be completed during this semester!

     Well that's only for lab sessions of ONE OF THE ENGINEERING CORE SUBJECTS that i need to take, not included with another 3 subjects! I really hope that I could cope with those critical times of my life. At this moment, I am quite shocked and tired with our new class schedule. I think we have a tighter timetable this time, we have no choice but to accept this -___-

     I guess that it is. I will write again IF ONLY I am in the mood to do so and also if I really have the time for it...(hahaha it's like I won't write anymore lol joking XD) Should stop writing and have a rest. I really feel dizzy now and as if like the world is spinning! Byebye my dears.. Love ya.
                                                                                                                                              Much love,

2 00 cute and handsome bloggers comments:

che qyll said...

hai, same goes to me ^^,
all sbjects seems tougher than sem 1..hope we can survive for this sem haha :P

kay aiden said...

I hope so !! Lets do our best! :D

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