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Friday, March 8, 2013

030313 ! The best 20th birthday! :'D

       Hello again! It's been awhile but I'm not forgetting you so don't worry.. I got lots to write but I don't know if I'm able to write it before going back to sleep.. ahahaaha

       So yeah.. this year I was so busy on my birthday so I didn't update my blog on 03/03/13 which is last Sunday :( Nevermind.. That's the reason why i'm updating it now..  Cause there is too many good thing happened on that  day and I could tell you that it was the best birthday ever! haha :D

        Firstly,I have been so busy since last two weeks with our im4u dance practices. Okay,let me tell you from the beginning. A week before my birthday,I was so busy with the practices cause there is an event called IM4U (1Malaysia For Youth) that was held on my birthday.  Our Prime Minister came to Perlis for the event and also for the opening event of our campus.

       At first, I was reluctant to join the event because I think I will miss so  many classes during that whole week but when we were told that we'll get the exception letter so I changed my mind.So,what happened on 03rd March 2013 ?? Ahahaha yeah let me write this :D

       My first time in a double decker bus! XD

       Since I am in the group who dance for im4u(JPAM),we need to dance along with the im4u music while the Prime Minister will walk through us.. Ang guess what? HE WALKED IN FRONT OF ME AND SMILED AT ME! Ohh I was on a cloud 9 cause I am finally seeing the most important and the busiest person in our country and he smiled at me! ahahaha.. but yet,I hated those media people who come over and push us (the group who danced) aside.. what a disrespectful fellow! -__-

The flipcard members :D

A few minutes before the arriving of the Prime Minister

       And what's next? ahhaaa.. That night,our Vice Chancellor held a concert to celebrate the opening of our campus. So, I've stayed at the campus for the whole day. it was because i need to get ready for performance in front of the Crown Prince of Perlis. After that,he walked into the 'Sedekad Gemilang' exhibition and walked in front of us..

       And yeah.. I shook hands with him!!!!!!!!! I also shook hands with the Crown Princess of Perlis :D I was so happy haha yeah I know they're all normal human being but it's rare for me to see those people in public.. And then... I found out that Adam,VIP,Stacy,Angah and Ah Chong(Raja Lawak) was there too! I'm so happy that I'm able to see those people who I've always seen on TV but they're all in front of my eyes on MY BIRTHDAY AND ON THE SAME DAY! ahaha :D

the stage on that night :)

       I wanted to take a pic with Adam (He's my celebrity crush since I'm 14!) but there were so many people around him :( so,I was only manage to take pic with Yandy(a member of VIP).. Well,that's better than nothing XD Oh yeah,I'm sorry but I'm not going to post any pics because the internet line is being a b*tch all the time urghhhh.. I think it'd be enough only for sharing the thoughts of mine. Well,maybe I will try to post the pictures later..

Just let me post my picture on my birthday! XDD

The first pic of the day! :DDD haha

With my bestie,Asmah ;DD 

And ohh. I got this from my housemates,Kak Ika and Kak Nad ! What a cute teddy ! :D


And also a sweet card from my bestfriend,Asmah :D
       I guess that's it.. Used about two hours to finish this post.. ahahaha yeah you know that I'm a lazy typewriter ahaha XDD

P/S : It might be a best birthday ever but it would be better if I'm celebrating it with my family.. but..nevermind.. I'm still happy :D Thanks to everyonr who wished me through Facebook,Twitter,SMS,Calls or even wished it face-to-face to me.  I love you guys xoxo!
                                                                                                                                           Lots of love,

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