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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trip to Pangkor Island (with UniMAP Performing Arts and Creative Club) >> 15-17 March 2013

       Oh hi everyone! Here I am again :D Been too busy with my classes and holidays again.. Oh how I wish I could have free time for almost all the time! Ahahaha okay well,I'm not really gonna update this blog regularly ahaha (pity me cause my English grammars has becoming so weak right now blerghh)

I haven't write anything new for more than a month! O I deserves to get a punch in my face ahaha well again.. I'M SORRY..

       I'm so not gonna write a full details about this trip because I have been there before this with my  Study Tour club friends while I'm still a student in UiTM Puncak Alam.. All the things that I've done while I'm there are almost the same as what I did before.. Well, there are maybe some new things that  I done it differently but still... I got not much left to write ahaha ( pity me again cause I don't have enough words to describe..) Zzzz here I am mumbling again lalala~~

       It was actually a camp where it was called as "Kem Pemantapan Kelab Seni Lakon dan Kreatif UniMAP". (too lazy to translate this in English so go translate it yourself wahaha).We have learnt on how to control our voices,doing the random acting stufss and also the talks about films from the experienced persons.

       This camp was held for three days and yeah I really had a good time with all of my friends there :) They're all good people and you can't never imagine how good and kind they are... Oh great! The scenery are all good and yeah if you think you want to have a good scenery to take your pictures with,you better do it there.. ahaha

       The internet line is not so good right now.. I guess it just being jealous with me now so just forget it to get all pictures in line.. I think I can only upload some of them. Don't ever worry cause no one can ever be able to steal any of them ahaha..Here goes the pictures.. ( I don't usually take my own picture unless there will be someone else holding the camera.. cause I'm a bad photographer! wahaha) even my sister acknowledge this -____-

Abg Aswad and Harith

Yana and Azza :D

US ! ;)

on the way back I guess? haha

I guess that's all.. I'll write again.. so yeah.. bye for now xoxo.~!
Much Love,

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