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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Malaysian International Robotic Competition 2013 (MIRoC 2013) (12-14 April 2013)

Ohh hi... and hello ! :D

       I was actually writing another post and waiting for the photos bluetooth-ing to finish...Zzzz why does it seems to be longer than the usual? ohh I'm so gonna delete all the pictures in my phone excluding the pictures of my family and Junhyung wahahaha okay it's gonna be really weird for not having his picture in there lool..

       This time, I'm going to write about my experience again.. ahaha okay it's not as much as anyone else but I do have the feel of enjoyment while joining this event called 'Malaysian International Robotic Competition 2013' (MIRoC 2013)..

       I keep on calling it as MURoC but then realized that it's not it. ahaha lame me. XD Alright,back to this stuff... I've been longing to see how will the event going on... So,I decided to get back to Perlis earlier.. Five days earlier..If I'm not mistaken... I've sent my name as one of the volunteers (ya know that the event was held in my campus,Pauh Putra UniMAP campus).

       It was very good as I joined it with my other 4 good friends.. So,I won't be that little girl crying at the corner waiting for new friends ahaha.. Ohhh while talking of NEW FRIENDS.. I do have found new friends from this event.. And yeah I met one of my old friends too! He was a senior actually (during my secondary school..) but i don't really remember the time when we get closer and that I start to think of him as a friend instead of just a senior of mine ahaha. He was representing his  university(UTP) and yeah that's it :) .

       He look so cute in this picture. Isn't it? ahah don't care of what you'll think but I like this picture! [Hakim,pls don't be mad cause I put this picture here..wehehehe]

Oh yes he is sooo tall ! hello there Hakim :D Peace!

       And here it goes another photos... There are a few categories for this competition. How I wish I could write all about them in here but yea ya know that I'm not that kind to write all that ahaha.. But if you really want to know what happened and what are the regulations and stuffs,just directly visit this link >> http://miroc2013.blogspot.com

       Bear that in mind that I'm actually a very very very shy person... ahahah yeah this is true indeed! (And not even related to what I'm writing now -___-)..  Oh whatever... ahaha just see the pictures below :) Oh I actually not a member of the team(i'm just one of the volunteers,remember?)

       But still,I just went into the line(cause the photographer called us) and he took our photo together with the winners.. I'm still a UniMAP student,isn't it? haha... And it was shocking that the photo was uploaded into the official UniMAP site.. Yea you can just view it here >>> http://www.unimap.edu.my/index.php/my/berita/352-unimap-juara-miroc-2013

It wasn't meant for anything. Just for sharing tho.. :D I guess I'm running out of words now so just let me post the pictures ;)

Paintball robot. Did you seen any in the picture?

Fire Fighting. I spent almost all the time being here haha.

Rescue robot. I've met my high school teacher too ! but didn't manage to take a picture with her..hmm.

The representative of UniMAP! Congrates to them for winning the  first prize in this category!

Rope Climbing Robot.

Gotta strike that dart haha.
My other friends for volunteers ;)

My four other friends ;) Nad,Myself,Bee,Jue and Fieya (from left)
So,that's all.. Byebye xoxo.~!
Much  love,

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