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Sunday, June 2, 2013

UniMAP PPMS Degree Student Camp 2012/2013 :D

        Hello everyone!! yeaah now I'm back with a new story ! ahahaa.. This time? I want to tell you about my recent activity.. I have joined the camp organised for the new PPMS or we call it as 'Pembantu Pelajar Minggu Suai Kenal'... Sorry but I'm unable to tell you more information.. It's just that we are the one who are responsible for the new students that will registering into UniMAP on this June and September :)

        I can't tell you how excited I was when I got a short text telling me that I'm one of those campers! haha.. Okay yeah I was actually having some difficulties a few days before the camping day. I got the information that our 7Pillars programme will be held on the same date as the camping day! However, the problem settled cause  I was told that we, the one who attend the PPMS camp will be automatically credited to our 7Pillars attendance. Pheww..

Our campsite wehehe

Oh heyy!

with my friend,Anis :)

Me and my groupmates! Group 4 :D

        And next? I think I'm fully in love with the nature life in the area of Gua Kelam. The camp was held at 'Tapak Perkhemahan Hujan-Hujan'.. The place got the name from the Hujan-Hujan trees (Hujan = Rains) which you can find it everywhere in there. Well, actually this camp has been held a few months ago which is on 27th April 2013.. I have been finding the right time to update my blog with this but yeah being a degree student really don't give me much time for that, so I'm sorry.

Sorry for the pic quality -__-

        I had a great time during that Night Walking session. We need to walk through the oil palm estate (near to the campsite) at 1:30am! Wait.. I mean ME ! For this session, I need to walk alone and finish the walking at 2am.. I felt really scared at the moment where I'm walking right in front of an old hut. I thought there is someone because I keep on seeing a small light but eventually knows that is no other people around there :/

        I keep on walking and finally entered the oil palm estate area.(I still need to walk from the campsite to the estate area beforehand). At this area, I'm not really feel anything as I knew that there must be some of the representatives waiting for us lol haha.. I knew that they'll be waiting to make any pranks on us(while we're walking towards the finish line).

        Tomorrow morning? We had a small explorace thingy. Need to finish all the tasks in order to get our ingredients(to cook the lunch dishes). After that, we need to cook the dishes without anyone in the group talking and making any noises.  You guess how hard it is to interact with others..HUH!.. If anyone caught with talking, they'll be punished with the other way hahaha (luckily I'm not one of those.. but still need to do the gwiyomi thing.. Urghhh)

I guess this will stop here ahahaha! Why?Cause I feel that this post is already long for you to read anddd I have another TWO stories need to be written down here. Hahaha wait up! :)
                                                                                                                              Much love xoxo,

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