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Sunday, June 2, 2013

UniMAP Royal Art Concert 2013. :D (31/05/13)

Hello everyone.. It is 5:37am now. Slept since last night and suddenly woke up from the dreams.. Then? Here I am typing haha!

        So yeah.. I am so happy now since I have finished another one event that was held last weekend :) It was the Royal Art Concert 2013! oh dear I think my grammars going so bad now. So... sorry for that but keep on reading okay? XD

        Have been sleeping for hours so I guess that is why I'm becoming like this hahaha...For this concert, we have been doing the practices and making sure all preparations for the event since last two weeks! It has been a very tiring and exhausting week for me since I got tonnes of works to be done.. I have three test papers including with all that assignments that needed to be sent on the same week!

        Luckily,I'm able to go through all this freaking exhausting stuffs hahaha... The event has been successfully held at Dewan Wawasan 2020,Kangar,Perlis for celebrating the King of Perlis's birthday :)  It started at 8pm and lasted for 4 hours.. It started with the singers singing 'the Lion Sleeps Tonight' taken from from The Lion King Film and then it goes to Asmaradana.(escorted with the orchestra music). There is also the Chopin Recital piano performance from Kenneth Teh.

        After that, there are also theater performances from the interesting parts of the films. (Ombak Rindu,Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam,Menceceh Bujang Lapok,Zorro). Not forgetting the performance from Peru,Manuel Eliseo with his flutes.. I've met him backstage not knowing that he is the person lol.

        After the concert, we didn't get back straight to our hostel tbh XD We went for a late talk at a 'warung' in Kangar..(the members of Performing Arts and Creative Club). Had our last talk before the semester ends. Just so you know that we're all from different courses. I am from the Electrical Systems Engineering and yeah there are some of my friends are from the Business course. Had the talk (not really a talk,it's more like a fun gathering thou.. hahaa) lasted for 2 hours and a half! Wanted to be there a little bit longer but ya know that place need to be cleared up too haha. So,we went home at 2:30am..

Opps! My mind went blank just now so I lost my words. What if I only put up the picture?  :D

Us :) After the event^^
That's all for now. Knowing that I only have another two weeks before my 1st Year ends. Gonna have final examination on next week! Wish me luck :D
                                                                                                                                    Much love xoxo,


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