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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The new works. The new environment. The new responsibility. Information and New Media Exco :)

       Assalamualaikum. .. and hey hey hey there! I wonder what are you doing now? haha... I really want to update the blog in this few weeks but I really don't have enough time to do so. I still have lots of work to be done!

       As I mentioned in my previous post, I told you that I've sent the application form to be one of the Student Representative Council members of UniMAP for 2013 / 2014 session. Alhamdulillah I have been chosen to be one of them. I was so speechless during the signing ceremony. We have put up our swearing and need to make sure that we are able to fulfill all of it. The event was held at Tabung Haji Hotel and Convention Centre on last 2 December 2013.
I do hope that we are able fo overcome all the problems that will be encountered soon. As for now, everything goes out well and I already started my work as the Information and New Media Exco. Need to make sure that the event goes on smoothly and students get informed about it.That's what I'd do.

       I will do my very best in this. However, there were lots of people gave me advice for not being too overworking. I still need to study more and take a good care of my health. I will make sure of that. I know, the main reason for me to be in here (in UniMAP) is to gain knowledge.
Later on, people won't be asking about my works in the council but they'll ask about my pointer and my capability in understanding what I've learned in this 4 years of studies. And the most important thing is that, mom and dad will be there to see me taking the scroll from the Canselor. So, I don't want them to be waiting for too long to see me walking to the stage; taking the scroll.

P/S: The leadership skills need to be learned too, rather than 100% holding on to the academics result :)


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