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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Me? Nahhh :D

       Assalamualaikum and have a good day! I know that I want to write lots of thing here but y'know that I didn't have much time. sobs. so its okay, eventhough it might be late but still, I will try to write them all here. :)

       To be honest there are so many things happened to me lately. The pictures shots? I can tell you that there are tonnes of them! but for sure, it was not me who took them ahaha... As for now, I am currently on my semester 3 final exam week. Two papers already finished last 3rd January. Ahhh wait! I forgot to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR! ahaha sorry that I don't really set up my new year's resolutions but setting up my next semester's resolutions instead. XD

       I want to be a better girl doing her job as a student and also the representative of my friends. Trust me that I will be changing afterwards. Its hard to change in a blink of an eye so I need a break from everything before I could change these. This upcoming semester break? No I won't be back to my hometown. Gonna have a retreat camp exactly two days after my examination ends. Then, I will be in Terengganu(the place is still in planning so its not confirm yet that I will be there. It might change to other state depending on the senate decision), helping to arrange the first year students with their pillars programme.

       I don't know what else to say but I feel fortunate since I have went back to Negeri Sembilan last two weeks. At least, I won't need to wait for another months to get to see my family :) Oh urm. just lemme share my latest photos with you. They're part of my life; my family and friends ♥

                                                                                                                                          Lots of love ♡,

with my sister, Fyra Shafie ;)

My siblings :D

with her againnn

with le friends : Amy and Jue :)
With them : Kak Aini, Syad, Meme, Mayshee, Hardi and Pali :)

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