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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Chased the stars and finally grabbed it away :)

Assalamualaikum and a very good day! Its been a while that I have wrote to you and eventually there too many things happened these days. Its early Saturday morning but I decided to write this post... hahaha this is amazing because I actually went to sleep at the very late hour last night...

Well, yeah I am currently in love with all songs in Taylor Swift's new album. My favourite? That would be I Know Places as I am listening to it while I am writing this. I have took all my midterm exam papers and yeah finally have some quality time for myself.

Right now, I just need to finish all my left over assignments as they already get piled up. I don't know because there are too many of them. It's all my own fault because I am the one who let it be that way. This week will be the last week to do it all since I will be joining a big programme in next two weeks.

My friends started to ask questions and yeah sorry that I cannot mention any details of it. I know this is kind of a bit mystery and you're all concern as what it is but, it will stay as a mystery until you figured it out by yourself. :)

My life as a student representative will end soon and nothing is happier than this. I know I will start to miss all the good memories as being one of the members of the committee. I know I will start to miss all their naughty, yet adorable acts.

Nothing stays. Every meeting will always has its ending. So it goes with any stories. It might be the end for me to gain knowledge through the council but I still able to gain knowledge through other ways. I might be happy since all the responsibility will be taken off me and I actually keep thinking on how not to be so carried away with it.

I know that I will have plenty of time to do my things and no longer need to go to any meetings during weekends. I know that I finally have more time for myself so that I won't be alerted about the student affairs ever again. I don't know how to react to this since I love taking care of my friends. lol hahaha..

This blog used to be a place where I could write all my experiences rather than my feelings. However, I think it's already changed to a place full of emotions. Hahaha.. Don't worry because I will go through one of the best experience soon so keep hanging there or you might be left out for it ;)

Note : Currently waiting for 26th November and will be hiatus from all social networks from that day till 4th of December. I hope everything will goes well. :)

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