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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Trip to Switzerland maybe? :)

        Good morning everybody! I hope you're doing fine with your family and friends :) Its a normal Sunday again and here I am writing something for you while my other housemates are keeping their self busy to go to the marriage talk. I have always wanted to go with them yet I have so much to prepare for my upcoming trip to Switzerland.

        I wrote about the trip in the previous post. However, I didn't tell you about the places right? I actually want to keep it as a secret till the day of departure but since everybody around me seems to know about it so I think there is no point of hiding the fact anymore.

       I am not only going to Switzerland. I am also going to Germany, France and Dubai during the one week programme. I don't go there just to have some holiday yet it is under a programme called 'Program Jelajah Ilmu bersama YTM Raja Muda Perlis'. Yes, our Perlis Royal family will also be in the trip. It's going to be a new experience to me since I never leave Malaysia before.

       This will be the first time ever in my life to leave my precious country. No, I am not being exaggerated now because I am a first timer in travelling. I know that most of my friends has already gone to even more further places but this is my first time :) I know it's going to be a very knowledgeable yet tiring escape from reality. For your information, I have been chosen to be in this trip based on my former work as one of the Student Representative Council.

       I hate getting response like "wow how it's good to be one of the representative council since you guys able to go on a vacation and blablabla..". Cause these people never know how hard it's been for us to catch up with the works. Yeah we all do have our works getting done before we are able to taste this some sweetness. It not about the vacation, its about the works. For now, I don't even care about what other people are going to say if they ever happen to feel the jealousy about our trip.

       I really hope that I could gain knowledge and experience as much as I can through this trip. Still nervous and excited though.. One more thing, one year has passed.. I am going to end my job as the representative this upcoming 28th November 2014... I still remember the very first day that I was getting the official jacket.. 3rd December 2014 - 28th November 2014... I will officially end my job this upcoming week. I guess on that date I will be in Germany..

       Thanks to my fellow organisation friends since we survived this long run from the beginning till this end point. Thanks to all the supports from all people that always there for me. Thanks for all of that. I really appreciate that. Love you guys so much..

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