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Saturday, December 20, 2014

I love you and thanks for these good moments ❤

Hello and good morning! I am now officially an ex-member of Student Representative Council! Yeahhh this has been so long that I am able to wake up in the morning without thinking of other works than my course works. Last night was the day I gained my certificate and appreciation day for us all since it's the day we appointed the new members of the council.

This has been something that I have waiting for since the last few months. Ahahhaa it wasn't that bad but I really had a hard time thinking about hard decisions (well sometimes I let my good friends answers it for me lol). We also have a hard time as there are so many students outthere with all their complaints. Things never get better lol because they never find anything is enough.

I don't have anything to say about that because that are all their opinions. All I have to say is that, thanks so much to those who always helped me while I am having all those bad times. I love you guys so much. I wanted to cry so much last night as it was the last formal dinner with other ex-SRCs members.

I really ate a lot and have a good time spent with them. I know soon that I will start missing those annoying yet amusing people. These people who always said "hey Iqqa comel; woi pendek; si kecik, Kak Jah, belacann" and etc... Know that I love you all and if I was ever did anything that hurt your feelings, I am really really sorry and this is from the very bottom of my heart to you.

I wish the very best of you and thanks for reminding me when I am lost. If you need me anytime, you know that I will always be right your side. Never ever forget all these moments. I am also sorry if I was never good enough for you guys. I tried to be polite with everyone but if I ever used bad words to you, I am sorry. Well, I am human too. Human cursed too, sometimes. HAHA!

Best of luck, MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE! ❤❤


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Sarah Mohamad said...

Salam...saya nak tny,dulu awak belajar di uitm puncak alam kan...?...awak biasa x dengan stesen bas shah alam...?...dari stesen bas shah alam nak ke area persiaran puncak alam 3 macamana ya...?...t.kasih...

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