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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Best Trip Ever! (PHOTOS)

Hello there! Here I am having my study week but rather post some pictures here than open up my books. AHAHA okay excuse me for a while ;) I had the best trip ever on last few weeks which is from 25th November 2014 until 5th December 2014. I will write the whole story about my experiences that I gained while I was there in the next post. However, this time I will only posted the pictures for you ;) (P/s : I went to 4 Countries for this Educational Trip with other 26 ex-members of UniMAP's SRCs...)

while in United Nation Headquarters in Geneve, Switzerland

Outside of United Nations HQ Building (with Nabilah)

At the Flora Clock in Geneve (few hours before departure to Dubai)

OOh what is that? That is Dubai Hotel. One of the most expensive hotel in Dubai

Where are we? In Dubai Mall, this UAE's flag is made by 100% real flowers!

This is when I am in Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world. It has 160 floors but i only manage to get until 124th floor)

While we're in Dubai International Airport..(with Kak Aini Syafiqah). This is actually while we're still on the way to Zurich,Switzerland.

Yep! We were flying with Emirates Airlines..I manage to get into Airbus A380 which has two parts and it has stairs too! (A VERY BIG AIRPLANE!)

This was taken when we finally touchdown in Zurich,Switzerland. It was at Chillie's Restaurant owned by a Malaysian and Singaporean. We ate Indian style curry.

Outside of the Chillie's Restaurant :)

This was taken in the heart of Switzerland, Zurich :) You're gonna pay for CHF10 if you wanted to ride in the train. That costs about RM30. 

IDK why my face looks weird hahaha. Still in Zurich...

Well well well, this is the hotel where I slept in for 4 days in Zurich! I really miss this hotel because it has a good scenery and really looks lively!

During Perlis Food Promotion in Zurich,Switzerland :)

I never thought my friends would take this photo quietly.. LOL.. That girl with blue hijab is me while talking to the Swiss-Syrian guy named Philippe Shehade :)

Right at the Rheinfall, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It took about half an hour to get here from Zurich..

The scenery of this place is so nice and beautiful ! However, it was so cold ! i can feel like my hands are freezing without the gloves on!

With Philippe again ;)

This was taken while I am in Titisee, Germany. (with Farhan)

Ausfahrt? That's where Mountain Titlis located at :)

On our route to the peak of Mountain Titlis. There are 3 types of cable cars!

In the Glacier Cave :)

Already at the peak of the mountain!

well, that's me at 10,000 ft from the sea level(peak of Mt Titlis)

With Atiqah :)

I was called as 'Kak Jah' because of this bag which I bought while in Germany. 

Playing with the snow! My wishlist is now complete for this one :)

Us at Euro Airport that connects France and Switzerland. It has 2 different Immigration Counters for both countries :) 

While in Luzern Town,Switzerland (with Nabilah and Kak Aini Syafiqah)

This was taken while we're having our lunch in Colmar,France. The girl with green hijab is our new Malaysian friend who studies in France named Iman.. (another one is my UniMAP friend,Ain)

Another Malaysian who studies abroad,and she is called with the same nickname as me,Ika :)

We're walking out from the cafe yet a demonstration was happening outside of it..

(with Iman and Adri)

While in Little Venice(Colmar,France)

I was smiling at her yet she smiled back at me. So, I asked her for a picture and she asked her husband to be in it too :)

with Kak Aini while in Basel, Switzerland

Bravo Group while in ETH University. (A university where Albert Einstein was studied at and gained his Nobel Prize)

Me with Nabilah at Nestle Headquarters,Switzerland

This machine shows how many packaging of Nestle Products has been sold around the world!


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